Top 10 Craziest Stunts That Might Well End In Personal Injury

If you’ve got any sense, you’ll do everything you can to stay safe. Personal injury is no fun. That’s why you’d never see us, say, playing golf on a course full of alligators, annoying a prison full of women or volunteering to get Tasered.

But you’ve only got to look out of the window or check online to see that millions of people put themselves at great risk every day. For fun. The world is rammed full of people who happily forget about how bad things can go and just do stuff. Like the kid who surfs subway trains, for example.

AllTime10s have got another sweet top 10 for us here, giving us a run-down of some of the craziest people out there who perform stunts that are highly dangerous. It starts with a guy kicking back with a beer. Nothing wrong with that, right? Yeah, well, he’s covered in 30,000 bees while he sips his brew.

And that’s just the beginning…