Watch These 2 Alligators Battle To The Death On a Golf Course!


Golf. It’s seen by many as one of the more boring things to do with your time. Sure, lots of people like it. But normally more dull types. Still, occasionally interesting things happen on a golf course. And, no – we’re not talking about eagles or a hole-in-one. We’re talking about something a lot more exciting…

Alligators. That’s right, alligators. No, ‘gators on the course isn’t a usual sight. Well, unless you play golf in Florida. The people who play down at Eagles Golf Course down in Tampa Bay, Florida – they see them. And the ‘gators don’t just walk about. They fight!

Oh yeah. Fighting alligators. That’s how you spice up a game of golf. The two you’re about to see really go at it too. This is no polite reptilian argument, this is full-on GATOR WAR.

See what went down:

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