Marcus And Mike Grill Reggie Before His Date With Marcus’ Daughter!


Man, we need to rewatch the Bad Boys movies. It’s been a few years since we sat down and laughed our way through them… Top quality action sequences plus hilarious riffing and gags from Will Smith and Martin Lawrence – it’s the perfect Saturday night popcorn flick.

There are loads of great scenes (“We’ve come to borrow a cup o’ brown sugar!”), but easily the funniest part in either movies is when Marcus and Mike grill Reggie when he comes to the house to take out Marcus’ daughter on her first date. Remember that?

Reggie’s only 15, but – according to Martin Lawrence’s character, ‘motherf*cker looks 30’. Him and Mike try to scare Reggie like any good dad and godfather. Although, maybe the bottle of liquor and a gun might be taking things a little too far…

“Ever make love to a man?” 

You hear that they’re making a Bad Boys 3? It’s out early 2017…