Sad New Footage Of Bam Margera Shows Him At Rock Bottom

Fans of the anarchic old TV show Jackass are in for some sobering viewing as footage of their beloved skateboarder prankster pal Bam Margera hits the media. Devotees of the bearded fun lover and all-round crazy Bam will be shocked to see the state he’s in now as his alcoholism hits new lows. And it’s all documented on a new VH1 show, Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn.

Margera’s life was going great after the huge success of the Jackass TV shows and movies. His skateboarding career was going great guns too and everyone loved him. Then, in 2011, tragedy struck. His best friend and Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn died out of the blue.

Bam took the news hard and hit the bottle even harder. And he’s ravaged by drink now. Something that’s evident from the show.

Bam Margera

It’s hard watching, but here it is. We wish Bam a speedy and full recovery. Keep fighting it, bro.