Cops Crackdown On Biker Gangs Costing Outlaws Millions; Violent Backlash Expected

New South Wales, Australia. Police have just finished a massive clean-up campaign to rid the area of dangerous biker gangs and the criminals have seen their enormous criminal enterprises decimated. Profits have plummeted after cops Down Under dedicated time and money to shutting down the outfits, raiding their clubhouses and driving members underground.

Known as ‘bikie gangs‘ in Australia, it’s thought that the gangs are responsible for a majority of the drug trafficking, gun running, money laundering, extortion and pimping in NSW. ‘Strike Force Raptor‘ has hit these gangs hard. Most affected have been the following gangs: Mobsh*tters, The Nomads, The Rebels, Rock Machine and Highway 61.

“There is no suggestion the gangs are still not a major crime problem,” the head of the Gangs Squad Detective Superintendent Deb Wallace told Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph. “But it is encouraging to see their numbers falling and a ­reduction in overt acts such as drive-by shootings and brawling in public places. We are receiving intelligence that numbers are declining and there’s been a reduction in visibility of the gangs over the past 12 to 24 months.”

Wallace goes on: “There is no doubt some of the better-known bikie gangs will be looking at ways to counter police tactics and we have to be ready for that. They have moved away from the traditional brotherhood concept of the original bikie gangs, which really were symbols of rebellion to now being organised crime gangs only interested in money.”

(H/T: The Daily Telegraph)