Underage Dude Dresses Up Like His Mom So He Could Use Her ID And Buy Alcohol

Remember back before you could buy alcohol? Those years up until you were twenty one seemed to take forever, didn’t they? All you wanted – more than anything else in the world – was to get your hands on a six pack. But it wasn’t to be. But maybe you could’ve. You just needed to get creative like this guy…

This is Arron Miller. He’s from Scotland. And over there, the legal age to buy booze is only eighteen. But they’re a country renowned for enjoying a ‘wee dram’. So the desire for a drink here for Arron is enough to make him resort to desperate measures to get his hands on some.

His amazing plan? To dress up like a woman. But not just any woman… His own mother! He wears some of her clothes and apes her appearance. And with her work ID – he’s successful!


Here’s the work ID of his Ma. The card in lanyard was to be the crowning glory of this risky, but hilarious, plan…


And here’s how he looked… Alright, he’s not massively convincing, but hey – it worked!


All that for a twelve buck bottle of vodka and whatever the Hell ‘MD 20/20’ is…