Man Catches Wife Cheating; Lover Filmed Jumping OUT OF WINDOW

A video has emerged from Brazil showing a dramatic incident that ended with a man in his underpants jumping out of a third story window. The man walked away embarrassed but uninjured after trying to escape the clutches of the husband of the woman he was sleeping with. Caught cheating, the wife was arguing with her spouse as her lover secretly plummeted.

Well, we say ‘secretly’, there was a baying crowd below watching… And by this time the fire engines had arrived to assist. They put down a safety cushion for the man’s landing. But the whole incident was so ridiculous, you’ve just gotta laugh.

The husband seems to return home and find a man’s shirt and a blazing fight kicks off on the balcony. Which is when the other dude decides to make good his escape!

Window Jumped

This is crazy. But funny as Hell. Check it out: