This Epic Collapsible Survival Shotgun Fires 12 Calibers And Can Be Easily Stashed

In the event of an apocalypse (and let’s face it, we all know there’s definitely one headed our way sooner or later…), we’re gonna need to be prepared. We’ll need a plan. We’ll need ideas. But most all all we’ll weapons. Handguns, knives, swords, shotguns. Lots of shotguns. C’mon… You’ve seen The Walking Dead.

You need to travel light too. So what’s the ultimate friend to you? A collapsible shotgun! Powerful. Able to kill. But small. Ergonomic. Like this bad boy here…

Introducing the Chiappa M6 X-Caliber 12 gauge survival shotgun. It bangs like crazy. But folds up to fit in a bag. The X-Caliber adapter set means you can fire up to TWELVE different calibers including these: .380 , 9 mm , .357Mag/.38SP , .40 S & W, .44 Mag, .45 ACP , .410/.45colt and 20 gauge.

Check it out!