Watch The TERRIFYING 250lbs Railgun – That Could Vaporize You – Go Nuts!

Guns. They do damage. And none so much as the railgun. They’ve infinite more juice than regular old handgun or machine guns. They’re ‘electrically powered electromagnetic projectile launchers’. Basically – ELECTRIC GUNS. And we’ve a monster of a railgun to show you here.

This 250lbs railgun “uses current to generate extreme magnetic fields that propel a conductive projectile to high speeds”, according to its inventor and owner, ‘Ziggy Zee’. Which explains why this thing is such a beast. And trust us – it is.

It can call upon 27,000 joules of force when nailing out projectiles, which is more than enough to vaporize you and everything you own and love in a nanosecond. Witness the brutal power for yourself… Hold on tight!