Meet The Pimp Priest Who’s Accused Of Organizing Orgies And Prostituting His Female Clergy

Padua, Italy. The beautiful Church of San Lazzaro serves the Catholic locals and gives them somewhere to worship God. Often they will confide in and give confession to the church’s priest, Father Andrea Contin. But in reality? It’s him who needs to confess…

According to the Italian media, there are reports that he has been formally accused of being a PIMP. Three separate women claim to have had an affair with Father Contin and be coerced by him into having intercourse with other men for money. And even taking part in orgies.

He also been accused of domestic assault and s*xual battery. Police raided his home and found a plethora of kinky s*x toys and videos of the priest engaged in wild orgies and bondage.

Pimp Priest

“There were a lot of women hovering around him,” one of his lovers told the Il Mattino di Padova newspaper. “I didn’t understand that at first, only later.”

“It happened in the rectory and in different houses. But I say no more because there are investigations. When? At all hours: Morning, afternoon, night. Always.”

Pimp Priest

A common theme in the tales from the women accusing Father Contin was the nature of his perversions. Each tells how his lust for the more extreme end of things grew more and more worrying.

“He would push me towards having scary and violent s*x,” another woman said.

Pimp Priest

Police are amassing a case now and believe that Contin could be responsible for pimping out up to FIFTEEN of his parishioners.