The Most Awesome Examples Of Instant Karma In MMA History!

Insults, taunts, laughing… There are a whole host of ways that you could annoy an opponent in the ring. And when you’re talking about MMA? It’s a high risk strategy. These fighters can go from 0-60 in no time at all. Taunt the other guy and before you know it you could looking at the sharp end of a knockout.

We’re all familiar with the concept of instant karma, aren’t we? Nature conspiring to serve up a a slice of revenge as soon as someone has f*cked up. Well, get ready for some top examples of MMA-based instant karma here.

Everyone in this epic supercut got what was coming to them. They thought laughing at and disrespecting their opponent was a good idea… But they were wrong!

MMA Instant Karma

Some of these examples are just flat-out BRUTAL!

MMA Instant Karma

Getting into the ring with a mixed martial artist is dangerous enough… Don’t p*ss ’em off too!

MMA Instant Karma

Watch all the different example of Instant Karma MMA-style right here: