Hidden GoPro On New Years Eve Shows How Much Bouncers Have To Deal With

London, Ontario, Canada. It’s New Year’s Eve and everyone who’s anyone wants to get into Gatsby’s Sound House and Bar. It’s a popular nightspot and it’s heaving. People are drunk and getting stupid. And who is tasked with sorting it all out and keeping law and order? That’s right, the security staff. The bouncers. Good luck, guys…

Look, we’ve all been out to clubs and bars and dealt with these dudes. Some are nice, some aren’t. Like anyone. But when you actually take a look at what their jobs are like? It’s pretty hectic. They take a lot of abuse and BS. So it’s easy to see why they become a little jaded and inflexible at times.

In this video we see what it’s like to work the door of a popular nightclub. One of the security guys has fitted a secret GoPro camera to capture precisely what he has to deal with most nights. Drunkenness, abuse (verbal and physical)… You name it. It’s pretty shocking. Have a look for yourself: