Every Punch Every Thrown By Jason Statham In One Epic Supercut!

We all know Jason Statham is a tough dude. Sure. Hey, look – even if he is an actor. We’re guessing he can still handle himself should the need arise. While his movies might not ever win Oscars, they’re a whole lot of fun, aren’t they? We’re talking things like the Crank and Transporter films. Plus The Expendables and Snatch and things like that. He’s prolific now – one of the world’s biggest action stars…

And what’s the common denominator in all Jason Statham movies? The punches, that’s right. While Arnie and Sly had their enormous machine guns back in the ’80s and ’90s, Brit tough guy Statham is more of a hands-on kind of guy. He gets fists in faces.

And in this insane new supercut from the good people over at Burger Fiction, we see every single punch thrown by the man in one epic supercut. Yup. All 264 of them!