Ultimate KARMA! Woman Gets Thrown in the Air While Stealing Gas


Instant karma. We all love watching it. Someone thinks they’re smart, they do something out of line and learn their lesson nice and quickly. And we have perhaps the greatest ever filmed example of instant karma for you right here. This is beyond amazing…

A woman and her man are stopped at a gas station and they’re stealing fuel. Taking gas without payment is, obviously, stealing. It’s against the law. So you wanna be able to escape nice and quick if caught.

Now, the driver is able to do this. But the woman actually pumping the ‘free’ gas? Well, she’s less able to escape. In fact, when her man hits the gas to drive off, she remains there. In a way. She actually spins the air… It’s crazy!

Stealing Fuel

And luckily for us and our viewing pleasure this whole messed up thing was caught on on security footage. And here it is…