This Guy Orders An Uber… But Just LOOK Who Turns Up!


Have you ever ordered an Uber? Of course you have. This is 2016, everyone’s used the Uber app to call a cab and get across town nice and cheap and easily. Uber is boss, everyone agrees. Well, apart from a lot of minicab drivers, but hey – cut your prices, boys. It’s your own fault.

Anyway, when your Uber pitches up, it’s usually a bright shiny new car, a Toyota Prius or something, isn’t it? But what if it wasn’t? What if you’d accidentally ordered an ‘Uber Hood’ instead? What do we mean? Man, you’re about to find out!

In this hilarious sketch from comedian Jon Mishner, which has already racked up more than THREE MILLION views on Facebook alone, you’re gonna see what Uber would be like if it was run outta the hood…

Uber Hood

We love this skit. This is some funny sh*t right here. You’re gonna dig it too. So settle back and enjoy ‘Uber Hood’…