You Need To Hear This WTF Story About Kanye From Ninja Of Die Antwoord

Kanye West is a weird guy. We all know that, don’t we? He’s not a normal man. You’ve only got to listen to the man speak or remember any of the million and four crazy things he’s done. And we’ve even more proof of that here as Ninja from the South African rap group Die Antwoord tells a funny story about what happened when he went to see Kanye

He’s a little of what he says: “I had this idea for a track and, as I’m about to say the sh*t about the track, Kanye just turns on an anal s*x video. Like a random anal s*x video. And then Kanye says, ‘Why is this guy putting his whole hand in her a*s with his d*ck?’ And then he turned back to me and said, ‘Sorry, what were you saying?’”

And if the dude from Die Antwoord thinks you’re weird, then you’ve gotta be pretty strange… Seriously. That guy’s got talent. But ‘normal’ is one thing he ain’t! Anyway, check out the story – it’s as freaky as it is funny: