Woman Loses 150lbs Through ‘Miracle Diet’ Of Crystal Meth And Crack

A Georgia woman is celebrating after hitting her desired weight loss goal of 150lbs this week. But the weirdest thing? It wasn’t exercise or dieting that got her to her dream number. It was crystal meth and a little crack cocaine. 32 year-old Sharice Gibson is thrilled with the results, but her story has caused quite the stir.

Here’s what Sharice told reporters: “My doctor told me that if I continued to neglect my health, at this rate I’d have good chances of suffering a heart attack in my mid-30’s and probably be dead by 40. It was a real wake up call.”

“I’ve tried every diet that exists on the planet. I’ve tried doing exercise every day and eating healthy, but crystal meth was the only thing that really did it for me. The greatest thing is that I don’t have to change my eating habits. I can eat as much as I want or whatever I want, but when I smoke crystal meth, I will sometimes go for days without eating. I call it the miracle diet!”


She goes on: “It sounds weird to say, but I really owe everything to my drug dealer. He’s the one that told me about crystal meth and how you can lose a lot of weight by smoking the sh*t. I will be eternally grateful.”


But it’s a risky and dangerous option. Dr. Jeremy Finns of the Columbus Medical Center, is Sharice’s doctor. He claims that he warned Sharice about the serious and degenerative side effects of using hard drugs as a weight loss tool…

“She has always been honest with me about her drug use, and even though I don’t condone the use of such drugs, I can’t lie to myself by not acknowledging the fantastic progress she’s made in these last months.”

“We’ve tried many diets to help her curb down her heavy eating habits but she eventually always abandoned her new regimes. The only thing she’s been constant with is crystal meth.”

Sharice’s weight (and tooth) loss contiunes.