Man Accidentally Shot In Throat With Flaming Arrow By Fiancee On LIVE TV

A dangerous stunt involving an arrow that was on fire being fired at a dude’s face went horribly awry recently on hit TV show America’s Got Talent. Ryan Stock and his other half and partner Amber fumbled the performance and he ended up with the fiery arrow hitting HIS NECK, instead of the target he was holding in his mouth.

Judges Heidi Klum, Mel B, Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel looked on in shock as they sat waiting to see if everything was alright. A visibly shaken Ryan told the judges: “I’m okay, it got my shirt, I’m okay.”

Howie Mandel said: “Listen, um, I don’t think you are okay. I think what you do is wonderfully horrific but that’s the first time you missed. We have to be responsible here, you’re hurt… I think what you did is wonderful and I think you deserve votes but the audience just saw what could happen and I hate that I saw what could happen.”

AGT Fire Arrow

The dude’s alright, though – luckily. He later took to Twitter to lament the incident. And the end of his career.

This is crazy – check it out: