Obama Makes Fun Of Kanye West’s ‘President 2020’ Campaign

President Barack Obama is known as a Thug around these parts. We’ve seen Obama┬ádancing, speaking Jamaican patois and shutting down hecklers before. Now? The Man’s back to give Kanye West a little advice on his 2020 presidential run.

It was during his speech on Saturday at a DNC fundraiser in San Fransisco – where Kanye performed – The Leader of the Free World told the crowd what he thought of Yeezy’s chances of taking his job in five years’ time.

Kanye’s a man with a big ego, we all know that. He’s declared himself the greatest living rock star recently. But to get to be Prez? We don’t think so. And neither does Obama…

And, of course, he did like a true Thug. Check it out: