99 Year-Old Woman Gets Herself Arrested So She Can Tick It Off Bucket List

The Netherlands, Europe. An old lady walks into a police station. She’s in handcuffs. A pair of cops march her to her cell and lock the door behind her. The woman in question? She’s called Annie. And she’s NINETY NINE years old!

The weirdest thing? She’s SMILING. Why? Well, because she wanted to be arrested. It was on her bucket list…

“We don’t usually do this, but we made an exception for Annie,” a representative for the Politie Nijmegen-Zuid said.

Old Lady Arrested Bucket List

It was just a couple of minutes in the cell. It was all about the experience. We don’t know why it was on her bucket list.”

Old Lady Arrested Bucket List

They even threw in a free billy club beating for her… (JK). Look at her, though. She’s loving it. Though – we’re not sure. We reckon she’s had handcuffs on before…


Old Lady Arrested Bucket List

We love this. You gotta love an old person with spirit and a bit of get up and go about them. Here’s hoping the ol’ gal completes her bucket list, eh?