Groom Shocks Wedding Party With Pictures Of His Best Man Banging His New Wife!

I’ve got a funny story for you… When I was younger I worked for a mobile DJ company and let me tell you, it was the best job ever. Especially when we did weddings. We were always eating for free, getting drunk for free, talking to lots of girls. It was great. Plus I saw a helluva lot of crazy and messed-up sh*t. I was setting up all the equipment (that was my job) at a wedding once and the groom came in and tipped us all a hundred bucks each. Good start to the night, huh?!

Anyways, the guests began to fill up the room and we were about to start the music. The groom asks us to hold off for a second and grabs the microphone. Hey – he’s a big tipper, he can do what he likes! He thanks everyone for coming and says he’s got a big surprise for everyone. The room’s got a good buzz to it and everyone’s smiling. Especially the bride.

“Can everyone please look underneath your plate. There should be a small manilla envelope there. Inside that envelope is a photo of my wife. F*cking my best man three weeks ago.” And sure enough, when people looked, there it was. It was the craziest sh*t EVER. We couldn’t believe it. The best man ran out the room and the bride just started crying. She was hysterical. They were great pics too, man!


I can’t understand why the guy did it, I’d have just ditched the b*tch, but you’ve gotta admire his dedication to humiliating the two of ’em!

The reception didn’t go on for that much longer as you can imagine. I wasn’t too sure what song would be appropriate for the moment, so we just packed up our sh*t and left. What a great day!