Snoop’s Finally Back With Another MUST SEE Episode Of ‘Planet Snoop’


We all know that Snoop Dogg is a charmer. But is he a snake charmer? No way! Snoop can’t stand snakes. And he shows that right here in this video, the latest in his brilliantly hilarious ‘Planet Snoop’ nature videos.

“This sh*t giving me the creeps just looking at it,” he says at one point. “I can’t stand snakes, cuz!”

If you thought that Sir David Attenborough was the ultimate man to bring the public nature documentaries, you were wrong. It’s all about Snoop for us.

Planet Snoop

In this snake special Snoop tries to understand what’s happening as he watches footage of some dude taming cobras. But he is NOT comfortable with it one tiny bit…

“Snakes is a Snoop-phobia, cuz!”

Here is the man in action, check it out: