This Man Is Being Called The Real Life Hulk!

Photos have emerged of an incredibly stacked man from Iran who has been dubbed the real life Incredible Hulk! Sajad Gharibi, a 24-year-old weightlifter from Tehran, weighs 155 kg (341 pounds), and can lift a whopping 175 kilograms.

real hulk main 3

Gharibi, who takes part in body building competitions across the middle east, boasts nearly 100k followers on Instagram. Fans eagerly await his regular uploads of images of him working out and showing off his super human frame!

real hulk main 1

He often posts pictures to his account of him posing next to ordinary sized things, such as cans of soda, in order to demonstrate just how huge he is.

real hulk main 2

What do you think? Is this impressive, or just a bit gross?

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