Stitches Signs Contract To Fight The Game In Celebrity Boxing Match

The never-ending war between Stitches and The Game has escalated, with the former challenging the latter to step into the ring with him for a celebrity boxing match. The Miami-based rapper issued the challenge to The Game via a video released on Instagram. In the video, Stitches says he’s about to sign a contract with boxing promoter and Celebrity Boxing chief, Damon Feldman.

In a second video, Feldman confirms that Stitches has indeed signed contracts with the promoter, and the ball is now in The Game’s court as to whether he’s man enough to go toe-to-toe with Stitches in a celebrity bout.

Feldman also calls out The Game for a recent attack on Stitches by The Game’s manager, Wack 100. Feldman claims Stitches was jumped after the rapper showed up outside a club The Game and his entourage were partying in. In that incident, Stitches was knocked to ground and suffered a busted lip.

@stitches is in training and will be stepping in the Ring regardless very soon

A video posted by Damon Feldman (@celebrityboxing) on Dec 16, 2015 at 4:58am PST

So, will The Game take up Stitches’ challenge and step into the ring with him? Time will tell. One thing’s for sure – this war doesn’t look like it’s gonna be ending any time soon.

UPDATE: Since publishing this story, The Game has ACCEPTED Stitches’ challenge, but on two conditions. First he must survive a preliminary bout againt Nicky D’s. The Game wrote:

“I’ll fly you 1st class to California & @NickyDsss will f*ck yo bum ass up #WhiteboyVSWhiteboy !!!!”

Secondly – and supposing he survives the above encounter – Stitches must agree not to snitch:

“I will fight yo pussy ass for FREE in the middle of the street after you sign a waver that you can’t sue me or press charges cause I’m tired of you pussy’s talkin tough on the internet then calling the cops & gettin lawyers after you get pounded out.”

So, challenge accepted. We can’t wait to see what happens next.