Insane Moment A High School Student Attacks Her Teacher With A STUN GUN!

No one really liked teachers at school, did they? They weren’t there to be liked, they were they to teach you. And while we all used to back chat teachers, we stopped short of actually laying a hand on them. Well, most of us, anyway. Some of the more ‘out there’ kids may have done. But very few kids will ever have gone as far as the girl in this video…

She’s got into a fight with another girl and a teacher has come in to break it all up. But she won’t stop there. She decides to fight the teacher too. With a STUN GUN!

The girl has been formally charged with one count of felony assault for the Tazer attack on her teacher and one count of misdemeanour assault for hitting the girl in the face to begin with.

School Stun Gun

This is crazy. We saw some messed-up sh*t at school, but nothing as heavy as this. This girl has some serious issues… That’s gotta be a detention, right?!