Truck Driver Vs. Biker Gang – Driver Loses It And Plows Through Blockade Of Bikers!

Aurora, Illinois. An incredible scene saw a lunatic in a pick-up truck trying to take on a whole gang of bikers. A disagreement between the man and the group got nasty and the bikers tried to box him in. They blockaded him and a few of them got off to start kicking his truck. The guy then just DROVE straight through them!

The bikers? They’re call The Chicago United Riders and they’re a motorcycle club that were out for a formation run around Aurora, on the outskirts of Chicago. The truck driver? 44 year-old crazy Joe Hernandez. He was out in his silver GMC Sierra pick-up truck and seemingly got into a row with one or more bikers.

Soon? It escalated. BIG TIME!

Truck Driver Vs Bikers

Incredibly, no one was hurt and after police involvement, no one was charged or even arrested… It looks as though all’s well that ends well. But this got seriously nasty and looked like it was going to end in murder…

One of the bikers filmed the whole incredible incident on his helmetcam and uploaded it on YouTube shortly afterwards. This dude has some serious balls right here…

Check it out: