Woman Lands Dream TV News Job With Unusual – But Cunning – Screen Test!

A newly-appointed TV news anchorwoman in Albania is causing quite a stir in the country – and all across the world – after her screen test leaked onto the internet. It shows Enki Bracaj taking a brave approach to her audition and wearing just about the most daring outfit a TV newsperson‘s ever been seen in!

She bagged the job on Zjarr TV, despite not being massively impressive on the actual news reading front. Still, some things were massive!

News Cleavage

A spokesperson for the news channel said this – rather honestly – about their new anchorwoman’s appointment:

“Most agree that her presentation style is somewhat awkward, but we are working on that and to be honest it doesn’t seem to be doing any harm to her viewing figures.”

And here’s what Enki says about it all:

“It was obvious that if I wanted to make it I had to be brave and offer something different. I checked first with my parents and when I found that they also supported me in my decision, it wasn’t a problem for me to go ahead like this. I simply found a way to put myself ahead and also to ensure that my channel gets the best ratings.”

Unsurprisingly, she’s proving a hit with (male) viewers. And here’s why: