50 Cent Loses It With Female Fan At Concert; Punches Her In The Chest

Baltimore, Maryland. 50 Cent is performing alongside The Lox at The Baltimore Soundstage when the concert goes a little awry. Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson is interacting with fans – specifically a pretty loud one. He reaches out to her. She tries to pull him off stage and into the crowd. He reacts as he’s dragged and lashes out. Punching her square in the chest.

He then calms down and asks the woman to join them all on the stage. She obliges, twerking madly.

Did Jackson feel guilty for what he’d done or did he pulled the lady up on stage to diffuse the situation and perhaps even avoid a lawsuit? It’s not for us to say, but either options are entirely possible, aren’t they?

50 Cent

Here’s the footage. The woman is clearly aggressive and attempts to yank him off the stage. But his reaction cannot be condoned. See the footage for yourself right here…