Messed-Up Kid Attacks Cat; Cat Turns Thug And Fights Back Like A Total Boss

Manchester, England. A pretty messed-up five year-old boy picks a fight with someone a lot smaller than him. But still loses. His opponent? A local cat. But after picking up the feline and throwing her into a bush, he soon wishes he hadn’t. The stupid boy aims a couple of kicks in the cat’s direction but misses. Soon? The puss loses her cool and attacks. And damn right too…

Sky’s owner Neil Fisher was understandably p*ssed about the thing, but no doubt proud of how little Sky stood up for herself. He says this about what went down:

“It came to my attention because I could hear the cat wailing and crying and I thought ‘there’s no reason for her to be doing that’. I was getting ready to go out and then I came round the corner and this little boy was running away. I checked the CCTV straight away and was just disgusted at what I saw.”

thug cat

“It happened right outside my front door. If you watch it, after a while she’s just had enough. You can’t blame her. Two times he tries to pick her up then backs off when she sticks her claws out.”

It starts off a little disturbing, but just wait. This cat ain’t playing games…