Girl Hits Police Horse – Totally Gets What She Deserves…

Kingston, Ontario. It’s a homecoming for the university there, Queen’s University. You know what college kids are like… Yeah, that’s right. Dumb. And drunk. Dumb and drunk. And we have perhaps the most perfect example of that right here for you. A young girl thinks it’d be funny to hit a horse. A police horse too.

So she runs over giggling and gives the horse (whose called Murney, by the way) a right old slap on its butt. She turns to run, still laughing… But that laughter doesn’t exactly last all that long. As she runs off, Murney kicks her HARD and she goes DOWN.

Here’s a tweet from the Kingston Police Department sent out about the incident: “Disappointing news from #QueensHomecoming. Our new horse, Murney, was slapped 3X tonight. No injuries. 2 men & 1 woman charged criminally. Police horse, Murney, still in training. Startled by slaps but kept her restraint.”


You can get five years for assaulting a police horse – it’s just like assaulting a human cop…

Well, what did you think was going to happen, woman!?