The First Commercially-Available Flamethrower Sprays 25 Feet Of Fire – Yours For Just $700!

As the makers of this insane piece of kit brag on the YouTube video you’re about to watch, ‘The XM42™ is the world’s first commercially available handheld flamethrower on the market!’ But that shouldn’t really comes as a huge surprise to anyone out there. In fact, we’re surprised there’s even ONE flamethrower commerically available for regular Joes like you and me to buy.

C’mon… You reckon you can be trusted with one of these bad boys?! We’re not sure we could be! But, if you do see yourself as some kind of Hank Scorpio-type figure and fancy investing in your very own flamethrower, you can pick one up for the relatively bargain price – we think – of just $699!

So if you’re keen to nail out your own stream of fire up to twenty five feet in the air (and think you can be trusted with one), well, actually – you’re gonna have to wait. The XM42 is just a prototype at the moment. But you can help out if you like – it’s at crowd funding stage. Check it out: