Grandpa Makes The 3 Men Who Broke Into His Home To Rape His Granddaughter SUFFER


Lumberton, North Carolina. A home invasion and burglary goes badly wrong. But not for the people who live there. We’re talking about the scumbags who broke in. When three lowlifes knocked on 67 year-old Kenneth Byrd‘s door, they expect to just roll him over and take what they wanted. But they couldn’t have been more wrong…

Brandon Carver Stephens, Jamar Hawkins and Jamie Lee Faison forced Byrd back inside his home and begun stealing items from inside the house. Dressed in black and wearing ski masks, they were armed and waving their guns around. Also inside the house was Byrd’s wife and 19 year-old granddaughter.

The family decided to allow the armed men to rob the house and stay safe. But when grandpa heard that the men were planning to gang rape his granddaughter, he decided to act. Sneaking on to retrieve his gun from safe. Within seconds, all three men were shot…


One intruder died. And Byrd caught a bullet. But survived… Here’s more: