30 Rounds In 8 Seconds – It’s The World’s FASTEST Shotgun…

Shotguns. Big, heavy, clumsy. They can do a lot of damage, but they’re not exactly lightweight or mobile, are they? And you can only fire a couple of shots out of them before you need to reload, right? Right. But with Fostech’s Origin 12 – that’s not the case. It’s the world’s fastest shotgun.

This bad boy is basically a semi-automatic shotgun. And it’s capable of nailing out thirty rounds in just EIGHT SECONDS!

Some people might say, ‘What’s the point in this? A handgun is adequate for protection, this sh*t is just plain dangerous…’ And, yeah, we get it. But, hey – it IS kinda awesome too…

Fastest Shotgun

This thing is nothing short of an absolute beast… Watch and be in awe:

It’s CRAZY. Here’s more: