Man Builds Homemade Shotgun Out Of Items Smuggled Through Airport Security!

Liquids, scissors, nail files, snow globes… There are plenty of things that you aren’t getting onto an airplane. Security will stop you dead in your tracks. But apparently you can take shotguns onboard. Well, okay – not shotguns as you and I know them. We’re talking homemade shotguns…

Mad scientist type Terminal Cornucopia set himself a bizarre challenge – Make a DIY weapon using nothing but things that you could get passed airport security. And guess what? He managed it with ease! This thing packs a serious blast too.

He’s calling it the BLUNDERBUSSiness Class Shotgun (nice gun pun) and he decided on the project after the TSA introduced body scanners, which he says heavily violates travelers’ privacy.

We seen plenty of powerful guns here before, but nothing like this… Check out the bad boy right here: