Meet “Big Wind” – The Most Powerful Fire Truck On The Planet!

This is “Big Wind.” It is the most powerful fire truck in the whole world. And it’s insane!

Big Wind was originally designed in Hungary during the Cold War as a mass decontamination device in the event of a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attack. However, after relations between east and west thawed, engineers decided to convert it into a fire truck. The purpose of these trucks now is to put out massive oil well fires.

The truck is one part T-34 tank and two parts MiG 21 jet engine. It has three operatives. One drives the tank, one operates the jet engines and the other aims the jets at the fire. When the water gets turned on, six nozzles blast out water at 220 gallons per second, twice the equivalent of what a typical household uses in 24 hours!

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