This Epic Steampunk Gatling Gun Is Just DEVASTATING!

Introducing… The Steampunk Gatling Gun. An almighty piece of armory that blends the past with the future to create a whole heap of bullet-spewing carnage! This thing is based off a semi-automatic Ruger 10/22 and has SEVEN (count ’em) rotating barrels to cause maximum devastation.

We’ve seen Gatling guns here before, like the the one that can nail out 2,000 rounds per minute. We’ve also checked out some pretty mean railguns in our time too. But we’ve never seen or heard anything quite like this…

This .22 caliber modified gun is still perfectly legal – it’s not breaking any laws. But you wouldn’t want to get in its way… It’s like Red Dead Redemption came to life. This bad boy is going straight onto our Christmas list.