Usain Bolt Totally KILLS James Corden In An Epic Rap Battle

Rap battles. Scary to be a part of, no doubt. But when it’s a bunch of celebrities, you know they’re going to laughing about it. No one’s getting shot in their car later, are they? We’d be very surprised to hear than James Corden had gunned down Usain Bolt after their hilarious rap battle on Corden’s show, anyway.

The Big Man kicked things off and threw this barbs at the Olympic record holder:

“After all those races you won in Brazil, you’re about to lose to a man standing still. Athletes aren’t great at maths, so I hope this helps, you have 14 gold medals less than Michael Phelps. For real, tell me what it’s like to have a career that people only care about once every four years.”

1-0 Corden. But Bolt had a rocket up his sleeve. He DESTROYED Corden with this comeback: “I run my race in ten seconds, you last that long in bed. I have nine gold medals last time I checked, that’s one for every time you’ve had sex!”

usain bolt james corden rap battle

This is some funny sh*t right here: