90 Year-Old Billionaire Shatters Hip ‘Smashing’ 19 Year-Old Girlfriend

Vienna, Austria. A 90 year-old man was admitted into hospital at the weekend, after breaking his hip in five places during a particularly energetic love-making session with his teenage girlfriend. The injury has left him unlikely to walk again, after doctors claimed that the damage was too severe. Still, if you’re going to shatter your hip somehow, it might as well be this way, right…?

Austrain billionaire Richard Scholl and his young German TV presenter and Playboy model partner Cathy Lahm were having s*x on the balcony of the pair’s bedroom at their Ibizan villa on Friday night after a night spent partying at the Pacha superclub there.

“We got home at about 9pm after Richard got tired and began complaining about the music ‘just being noise’. I opened a bottle of Champagne. Richard had a hot chocolate and we went to bed”, Cathy told a local newspaper. “Three or four minutes later, after he’d finished having s*x with me, Dicky rolled over and shrieked. His hip was totally shattered! It looked like his leg was about to fall off!” She continued.

Old Man
Scholl and his young girlfriend Cathy.

Richard told a slightly different story, saying on an Austrian radio show that he was up ‘half the night’ with Cathy, ‘smashing’ her, when he heard ‘a click’ and realized something was wrong.

“I’m not going to let this stop me, though. I’m looking forward to our wedding night…” He went on. “Hip or no hip, she’s getting ruined again!” He joked.

Old Man
The broken hip.

Who said romance was dead, eh?