BuzzFeed Publish Bizarre Allegations That Trump Paid Hookers To Perform Golden Shower On Him In Bed Obamas Slept In

A sensational – and entirely unverified – ‘leak’ has made its way onto Buzzfeed about the private life of President-elect Donald Trump. The crazy claims say that Trump is being blackmailed by Vladimir Putin because he has videos of Trump having a kinky night with a group of Russian hookers.

Apparently they all get involved in some heavy duty watersports and in the same bed that Barack and Michelle Obama slept in…

The memo, it’s claimed, was compiled by an ex-British intelligence agent and boasts the following:

  • Russia have damaging material on Trump, including videos of him watching prostitutes urinating on a hotel bed in Moscow.
  • That he ‘hates’ Michelle Obama.
  • Russia have been ‘encouraging, supporting and helping’ Trump for ‘minimum five years’.
  • Russia are ‘exploiting Trump’s personal obsessions and sexual peccadilloes’ to compromise him.

Trump Golden Showers

The Washington Post makes the point in an article today saying that if the claims require further investigation, how come Buzzfeed haven’t done some actually reporting and research on it? Instead of just putting it straight out there.

Here’s the memo, anyway:

Trump Golden Showers

Trump’s aide and spokesperson Kellyanne Conway hit out at the claims and said this about them:

“I have to say as an American citizen… We should be concerned that intelligence officials leak to the press but won’t go and tell the president-elect or the President of the United States himself, Mr Obama, what the information is. They would rather go tell the press.”

Trump Golden Showers

It almost seems crazy that Trump has actually had to come out and deny the crazy allegations, but he has. Here’s what he said on Twitter about them:

Crazy story. But we’re living in crazy times.