Disgusting Footage Emerges Of a Cop Firing Taser At Fighting School Kids

A schoolyard in County Rockdale, Georgia. A scene so familiar. Two young teenagers, full of testosterone and machismo get into a fight. Slaps and punches are thrown. Usually, a teacher will rush in to break things up. But not on this occasion. Oh no. Apparently this minor teen bust-up required a cop to run in and immediately Taser the pair as his first port of call. For some reason.

The cop makes no attempt to intervene and separate the two youngsters first and has been heavily criticized for it. Tasers are often needed by cops. But only when they’ve run out of options. These things are hugely immobilizing. The Slow Mo Guys demonstrated just how much of a punch Tasers pack recently. So to shoot a couple of kids like this is certainly controversial.

Or was this cop right to do what he did? So many police officers know are too quick to draw their weapon. Was a Taser the correct call here? See what you make of what happened…