Woman Injured After Boyfriend Uses Motor Oil As Lubricant

AUGUSTA, Georgia – After a long night of drinking, Tracy Lawrence and her boyfriend Jack Minot were warming up to a romantic evening when Minot realized the couple was out of lubricant.

Instead of just going without lubricant or running to the store, Minot improvised, grabbing a quart of motor oil from the back of his truck and using it on his unsuspecting girlfriend.

Within a minute of beginning intercourse, Lawrence began to complain of pelvic pain. Her boyfriend told her the pain would pass and suggested they change positions to possibly alleviate it. When Lawrence began to vomit, Minot told her drinking milk would help her feel better, which it didn’t.

Minot realized he was in trouble when his girlfriend began to have seizures and started hallucinating. He told her watching HBO would distract her from the pain, but she grew worse. After over an hour of delaying, Minot finally dialed 911.


“It was like my insides were on fire,” Lawrence told doctors at University Hospital. “I kept getting sicker and sicker until I lost track of what was happening. I blacked out.”

The doctors discovered the substance and questioned Minot. He told doctors it was a special ‘love juice’ he had ordered online from China. But doctors soon realized that it was motor oil and Minot hesitantly confessed to using it.

Minot said in the medical report that he hadn’t ‘made sweet love’ in three days and “had to have it” or he “would go crazy” and didn’t think the motor oil would cause any problems. “It comes from the ground,” Minot said, “that means it’s an organic product. I thought it would be no less harmful than using mud or something.”

Doctors said Lawrence has burning inside herself which will heal and that chemicals from the oil entered her bloodstream causing many of her vital organs to partially shut down. She is expected to make a full recovery, but will spend several weeks being monitored in this hospital.

“She could have easily died,” an ER doctor said. “If it had been fifteen minutes later, she would likely not have made it. I advise people not to use motor oil or any other poison for this purpose.”

So far Minot isn’t facing any criminal charges.

“I hope Tracey forgives me,” Minot said. “And we can get back to doing it right away.” #ThugLife