Glamorous Cocaine-Smuggling Girls Brag About Lifestyle On Instagram

On the surface it just looks like two girls tripping around the world, having fun. But the reality? Much more sinister. Melina Roberge, 22, and 28 year-old Isabelle Lagacé, both from Canada, were living a plush lifestyle because of their drug smuggling. The pair were arrested on a cruiseliner in Sydney, Australia with almost $25m worth of cocaine on them…

The Australian Federal Police’s Assistant Commissioner of Crime Operations Spokesperson Shane Connelly, says this about the whole thing: “Today’s successful operation has resulted in three arrests and we will not rule out further activity as we continue our investigations.”

“The AFP is committed to working with its partner agencies to protect the community by stopping these dangerous drugs making their way to Australian communities, and bringing those responsible to justice.”


Here’s a selection of pictures from Instagram of the glamorous pair enjoying their jet-setting criminal lifestyle: