Evil Dude Tricks Colleague Into Eating Dog Sh*t

Now, ordinarily, when a co-worker tells you to eat shit, you’ve fallen out with them. It’s either a fight in a stationery cupboard or a meeting with your manager afterwards. But in the workplace you’re about to see? Eating┬ádog sh*t here is a challenge. And one gladly accepted!

It’s a prank. And a cruel one at that. But the guy who ends up eating the dog cr*p isn’t lied to. His ‘friend’ goes up to him and says, “this is dog sh*t – want some?” And the other guy? Well, he just doesn’t believe him. He thinks it’s a prank they pulled before a Baby Ruth gets microwaved. But he couldn’t be more wrong…

“That IS dogsh*t!” He can be heard shouting. Just before he vomits all over everywhere. This may well go down as cruelest workplace prank of all time!

Check it out!