Girl Confronts Boyfriend Over Texts On His Phone Only There’s A Pretty Big Twist…

Cheating is bad. We all know that. If we found out our partner was cheating, we’d ditch ’em in a heartbeat. Or at the very least confront them in a big way. Like this girl. She checks her boyfriend’s phone, sees texts from a girl called ‘Nicole’ and she flips. His punishment? A jug of cold water over his head as he sleeps… And while she films.

He wakes up (obviously). He’s p*ssed (obviously). He has a very reasonable explanation for things (actually). The phone she checked? Her own. The phone she thinks is hers and she’s recording him with? His. The reason. She recently bought the same make and model cellphone as him.

This is stupid, but you can see how it happened. Although that girl has to be one serious dumba*s!

Caught Cheating Wrong Phone

Check out this whole sorry incident for yourself right here…