Wife Pops What Might Be The BIGGEST Pimple EVER On Her Husband’s Face

He’d been putting it off for ages. Wade Powell’s pimple had gotten bigger and bigger. Now? It was huge. And sore. So, he decided to do something about it. Not, not see a doctor, he asked his wife Khristina to pop the thing. And in ┬ádoing so, history was made. Well, big pimple popping history, anyway…

“It was an instant relief when it was over,” said Wade. And when you see the amount of mashed potatoes that shoots out of the guy’s cheek, you’ll soon understand where he’s coming from…

FOUR YEARS he’d been growing this bad boy!

You know what? If it were us we’d have asked her to wash her hands and fingernails first. Actually, we’d have gone to a doctor. No, wait. What are we saying? We’d have never let it get so damn bad in the first place! Smh

Spot Pop

This is shockingly gross… ENJOY!