Dude Lays Buff Gym Instructor Bait Trap For Girlfriend; Soon Wishes He Didn’t


To Catch a Cheater. It’s a web series where a team of people help you find out if your other half is ho or a player or not. They fix up scenarios to test someone. The suspicious one is watching a live feed and being filmed. Meanwhile, the unsuspecting partner is put to the test…

In this one, a dude is worried that his girl might cheat on him. He doesn’t think she’s got a thing for guys with big muscles, but To Catch a Cheater are gonna check. So they plant a guy – a gym dude – there to find out her reaction when he comes on strong to her.

WTF is he doing with his hands here?! I would NOT be happy with this!

Cheat Bait

Yeah. This was NOT how he’d hoped it’d go down…