Judge That Sent El Chapo To Jail Is Killed Outside Of His Home!

Metepec, Mexico. Vicente Bermudez Zacarias was a young, hungry and fearless judge. A Mexican official that was fierce but fair, he was a respected authority figure. He found fame by becoming the judge to send feared cartel boss El Chapo to jail. And, unfortunately, he’s ended up paying the ultimate price for his courage and dedication to the law. He’s been murdered.

Many federal judges would have avoided trying Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. seeing it as either career suicide or just suicide in general. Let him off and your credibility lie in tatters. Convict and your life – and your family’s lives – are forever at risk. As Zacarias discovered.

The judge was fatally shot in the head at point blank range by a mystery assailant, while out running in front of his house in the city he resided in, which is approximately 45 miles west of Mexico City.


No official motive is yet known, but the general consensus is that El Chapo’s men are behind it.

Here’s a still from the CCTV footage which caught the killing:


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