Stupid Kid Live Streams Himself Terrifying Neighborhood By Committing A Fake Drive-By In Chicago


Tensions run high in a lot of cities across America now. Especially in Chicago where the numbers of murders, shootings and violent crimes is spiking at an all time high. Things need to calm down. What we don’t need is people out there stirring things up. Alright, the kid in this video? He doesn’t shoot or kill anyone, but what he does is DUMB nonetheless…

With his friend driving, his rides shotgun with a fake gun. He drives past some kids outside on the sidewalk, undoes the window and starts ‘shooting’. Understandably the kids are frightened and duck for cover. He thinks this is HILARIOUS.

This is a ‘prank‘, by all accounts. He even filmed the incident and live streamed it on Facebook. How ridiculous is this, huh?!


Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Watch just how dumb some people can be…