Fat Joe Tells Epic Story About Him, Big Pun And Mike Tyson Taking On Ten Bouncers!


Here at Thug Life Videos, we love Iron Mike. Mike Tyson is just about the greatest ever sportsman in our book. Not only did he have it all in the ring, making him arguably the greatest fighter the world of boxing has ever known… But he’s lived a crazy life too.

Seriously. The stories and anecdotes that some people have about Tyson? Unreal, some of them. And his own? Just check out his autobiography, Undisputed, for proof. What a life.

The story we want to bring to you here? It comes from the rapper Big Joe. He tells of the time he and Big Pun (RIP) were at a club and an argument with the bouncers was about to spill into a huge fight (10 vs. 2). Just as Joe began to mutter his prayers – Mike turns up…

Fat Joe Mike Tyson

Let’s listen to Joe take up the story…