Lakers’ Nick Young Nearly Blows Off Hand Fooling Around With Firework

LA Lakers star and bae of Izzy Azalea Nick Young did something really STUPID recently and handled a firework just as it was exploding. He was lucky to get away with not hurting himself seriously. Swaggy P could’ve lost fingers. Hey, it happened to Jean Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants last year, remember?!

Basketball can be a pretty tricky sport to play with only three fingers, after all. Fortunately for Young he got away with just some minor burns, but this whole situation could’ve been a lot, lot worse…

The footage we’ve obtained for you below comes from TMZ Sports and was filmed in the shooting guard’s Tarzana home.

Nick Young

Young scored a career tally of an average 7.3 points last season. Picking up a lit firework and waving it about almost guaranteed him a average of 0.0 for next season…

Check it out: